Overview & Timeline

Examples of Funded Proposal Types

Units will be notified of approved funding amounts for specific projects for specific fiscal years. Projects may be funded for up to three fiscal years. Units submitting requests for similar or overlapping activities are asked to meet with the other units and discuss ways to collaborate.

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Requests Funded

  • Expanded support for English language skills
  • Improved instruction and new or expanded course offerings
  • Enhanced advising services
  • Ongoing needs assessment

Requests Not Funded

  • Scholarships
  • Computers, equipment, software
  • Activities that would benefit very limited numbers of students at a relatively high cost
  • Supporting course access for existing courses

Process Overview & Timeline


  • Call for new proposals to undergraduate serving units


  • Proposals to undergraduate serving units due

May - June 

  • Notification of awarded proposals

August - November

  • Kick-off meeting with awarded projects
  • Project funding begins