About the Fee

Who is charged the fee?

Undergraduate degree-seeking international students are assessed this fee. 

In the registration system, this distinction is defined as follows: The fee is charged to a student who is active in the INTL (international) student group and does not have an academic plan of 209855703 (Clinical Training) or 209955803 (Foreign Grad Train). The fee is not charged to students with an NDG academic plan type (non-degree).

Undergraduate International Student Enrollment by College

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Information Sessions

A few times a year, we hold information sessions for staff and faculty to learn more about the fee and proposals process. 

There are no sessions planned at this time.

Fee Amount

For Fall and Spring Semesters:

0-5.99 credits $125
6+ credits $250


For Summer enrollment:

0-2.99 credits $62.50
3-5.99 credits $125
6+ credits $250


Review Committee


Beth Lingren Clark
Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Initiatives

Barbara Kappler 
Assistant Dean of International Student & Scholar Services


Michelle Koker
Director, College of Continuing and Professional Studies 

Kate Martin
Center for Educational Innovation

Ascan Koerner
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, College of Liberal Arts

Raj Singh
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program, Carlson School of Management

Xi Yu
Research Coordinator for committee, Student Personnel Coordinator, International Student and Scholar Services

Chelsea Garcia
Orientation & Transition Experiences