Meet The Welcome Week Leaders

In order to enhance existing efforts between OTE and ISSS to increase international student participation in Welcome Week, this event provides an opportunity for international students to meet Welcome Week Leaders (WWLs), as well as, some of the new students in their group prior to the start of Welcome Week. This new effort is designed to provide international students with an early glimpse into Welcome Week.

Enhancing Culture Corps: Supporting Faculty and Instructors in Curriculum Development and Course Based Initiatives

The Culture Corps program supports staff, faculty and students in their internationalization efforts at the University of Minnesota by recruiting, training and coaching international students on how to share their international student experiences on campus. Students receive a stipend for being part of the program. Funding for this project allows Culture Corps to meet the growing demand for undergraduate curriculum and classroom support and cover fee-related project requests.


Students Crossing Borders Living and Learning Community

Students Crossing Borders (SCB) living and learning community (LLC) located in Middlebrook residence hall represents a program that exemplifies the campus space that Josef Mestenhauser would describe as a laboratory that people from diverse backgrounds could connect with each other and share ideas. SCB has provided structured programming to support the integration of domestic and international students by providing both informal and formal cross-cultural shared experiences.


OSA - ISSS International Student Advisory Board

The International Student Advisory Board is comprised of 10 members representing international first year, transfer, exchange, sponsored, graduate, professional, Minnesota International Student Association, Council of International Students and Minnesota Student Association students. The board serves as a consultative body for units within Office of Student Affairs and International Student & Scholar Services.

International LGBTQIA Outreach

The International LGBTQIA Outreach Program provides support and resources for international LGBTQIA students regarding their nationality, cultural background, gender and/or sexual identity on campus. The International LGBTQIA Outreach Program provides events and activities addressing issues related to international gender and/or sexual identities that are marginalized and works to connect international LGBTQIA students with each other.

Common Connectors

Multiple research studies show that higher college student engagement is associated with higher levels of retention and graduation. Intentional, thoughtful engagement between international students and domestic students is the aim of the proposed Common Connections program.

International Career Counselor

The consultant works across all Twin Cities undergraduate colleges to promote international student career success. In the first two years, the three foci have been: 1. Staff training to more fully understand international student career needs, and to build staff competence and expertise.  2. Student programming through large and small events campus-wide to build student competence in mastering the U.S. job search context.  3. Training for employers on how and why to hire international students.

CAPE International Student Initiative

Specifically, this proposal provides the opportunity to create a full-time CAPE Coach position that works 75% time in CAPE and 25% time in ISSS. This allows expanded support in CAPE while remaining closely linked to the student services in ISSS. This shared model would ensure streamlined services, a close working collaboration and a bridge of knowledge between these two units.