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Review the Research and Assessment Findings 

Learn about what is known about international student experiences. In 2016, an analysis was done to synthesize the findings of the sources of data and research completed to identify international undergraduate student needs. There were 10 categories that emerged; however the fee committee identified the top five to guide the review process:

  1. To increase international students' sense of belonging to the campus community.

  2. To build meaningful friendships with domestic students (DS) and other international students (IS).
  3. To improve confidence and receive additional support to study in a second language.
  4. To enhance effective in-classroom interaction with instructors and other students.
  5. To better prepare post-graduation career (or graduate school) planning and development.


Review the list of topics previously awarded

Become familiar with the work that is being done in a particular area. It may also provide additional sources or collaboration opportunities with other units to enhance a request for funds.

  • Give careful consideration to the costs associated with the request. Projects that would not be appropriate to support with this funding source:
    • Scholarships
    • Computers, equipment, software
    • Activities that would benefit very limited numbers of students at a relatively high cost
    • Supporting course access for existing courses
  • Those that provide additional sections of existing courses including conducting research that does not have a direct, immediate bearing on international student academic success
  • Projects that will provide a disproportionate benefit to a very limited number to students.
  • As is the case for all fees assessed of students, the general principle is that the fee charged should be used to benefit those students who are paying the fee at the time that they are paying the fee.


Consider how this project will contribute to supporting student academic success and satisfaction, as well as retention and graduation efforts.

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