Resources for Funded Projects



Units that have been awarded fee money to enhance student services for international students will be contacted by a member of the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) staff. This person will connect units with other units on campus who may be doing similar work and provide additional data points that have been collected around the topic.

Acknowledging Source of Funds

To acknowledge the funding source, please write: 

"Funding for this project was approved by the International Student Academic Services Fee Review Committee."

Tracking Expenditures & Unit Responsibility

The funds received from the fee go into a central account. At the end of each fiscal year, transfers will be made to cover the actual expenditures of the approved projects.

Units that have received funding are responsible for setting up the appropriate EFS account string(s) with a fund type of 1026 and tracking expenditures for each projects. Units should send that EFS account string information to Pat Ferrian,