Carlson International Student Academic Success Event Series

Academic Advising/College Support

These three events are aimed at reducing the cultural shock for international students and strengthen their English skills in order to improve their experience adjusting to the US classroom environment and help them to succeed in their academic and post-graduation careers.

Event 1: Carlson New International Student Seminar- The New International Student Seminar will help first year international students to better understand US classroom expectations, how to thrive at Carlson in-class participation activities, and how to talk to professors, TAs, and fellow students.
Event 2: International Student & Faculty Networking Event - This networking event will invite faculty representatives from all academic departments at Carlson. Students will have access to subject matter experts in an informal setting and thus encourage international students to explore different majors, discuss classroom success strategies and connect with students outside of the classroom setting.
Event 3: International Student Small Talk & Networking Practice - Prof. Sheryl Holt will deliver a presentation on why and how to make small talk in the US. The goal of the event is to raise cultural awareness among international students and to increase their confidence in communicating with native speakers in an academic setting and company recruiters in a business setting.