International Student Academic Services Fee

Units seeking funding are invited to submit proposals to enhance academic services for international students. The focus should be to ensure retention, timely graduation, and students' satisfaction with their University of Minnesota experience. 

  • "Introduction To Literature" For International Students

    Curriculum Development & Course-based Support

    The Department of English will develop the content and methods of a stand-alone section of ENGL 1001W (Introduction to Literature) for non-native-speaking international students. In Fall 2016, we will pilot-test this section. If successful, this section will become a regular part of our curriculum, offered either once per year or once per semester, depending on demand. Relevant findings will also be applied to other sections of the course that enroll domestic and international students together.

  • Academic Advisor Focusing On The International Student Experience

    Academic Advising/College Support

    The College of Science and Engineering's Academic Advising Office has created a new advising role (Senior Academic Advisor with a Focus on the International Student Experience) with the use of the international fee. In addition to a caseload of undergraduate students in the College, this advisor's project work will focus on ways to support and enhance our international students' experience and success in the College.

  • Academic Integration Of International Students Into UMTC Classrooms

    Faculty/Staff Development

    This project will fund the coordination of UMTC campus-wide efforts that seek to support faculty and instructors with the academic integration of international students in the classroom. Educational offerings for faculty and instructors on effective classroom approaches to inclusive course design, pedagogy and assessment will be offered. The Education Program Specialist coordinating these efforts will serve as a resource for colleagues around campus.

  • Additional funding for Student English Language Support (SELS)

    Academic Support/Resources

    This project provides funding for an additional 25% time ESL professional to work as a tutor in the Student English Language Support (SELS) program during spring and fall semester. SELS provides one-to-one and small group tutoring to international students whose first language is not English. More information is available on the SELS website at

  • Break Programming Opportunities


    To engage international and domestic students in activities and events designed to increase their social and community Wellbeing, this program seeks to create opportunities for cross-cultural interactions between U.S. and international students, largely within the residence halls. All students staying on campus for the break period are welcome and encouraged to participate and attend each event.

  • CAPE International Student Initiative

    Major/Career Planning & Development

    The Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE) created an Academic and Career Coach position with an international focus. This new role provides support for international students who are strongly undecided, transitioning colleges, and planning for competitive majors. This position splits time between CAPE and International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) which allows expanded support in CAPE while remaining closely connected to the student services in ISSS and immigration regulations.

  • Carlson International Student Academic Success Event Series

    Academic Advising/College Support

    These three events are aimed at reducing the cultural shock for international students and strengthen their English skills in order to improve their experience adjusting to the US classroom environment and help them to succeed in their academic and post-graduation careers.

    Event 1: Carlson New International Student Seminar- The New International Student Seminar will help first year international students to better understand US classroom expectations, how to thrive at Carlson in-class participation activities, and how to talk to professors, TAs, and fellow students.

  • CDES/CFANS Graduate Student for International Initiatives

    Academic Advising/College Support

    The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences and the College of Design partner in requesting funding for a shared 0.5 FTE graduate assistantship to initiate, manage, expand, and provide programs in support of international students’ success in our colleges. This position would be responsible for projects and initiatives to better integrate international students into the collegiate communities in and across CFANS and CDES.

  • Center for Writing

    Academic Support/Resources

    The international student academic services fee supports specialized one-to-one writing instruction for international students in the Center for Writing's Student Writing Support (SWS) program. With this funding, the Center funds additional professional and graduate writing consultants with experience Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) to serve the University's growing population of international multilingual students.

  • China Pre-Departure Orientation

    Transition Support (Student-focused)

    Chinese international students make up 50 percent of new international undergraduate students and the China Pre-Departure Orientation was created to help these students have a successful transition to the University of Minnesota. The goals of this program include helping students understand next steps needed in their transition, building a awareness and knowledge about the cultural differences in the U.S. higher education system, and assisting students in developing a sense of belonging with the University of Minnesota.